I had an anal bleed, what can it be?

Expert answer:

O anal bleeding may have several explanations, but is mainly related to hemorrhoid.

One should differentiate anal bleeding from bleeding that can be observed in the stool. The anal bleeding is staining bright red, usually observed by the person when cleaning with toilet paper or even in the toilet. The bleeding that comes mixed with the feces, usually has a darker coloration and presents other causes that must be approached in another way.

Hemorrhoids, vessels that dilate in the region of the anus, can be escoriados during the passage of the feces and, when there are small ruptures in the anal skin, causes the bleeding.

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How to treat hemorrhoids?

a bulky bleeding and with great loss of blood is a situation of emergency and should be treated promptly. a small amount bleeding should also be treated, but can be done in follow-up outpatient or in Query with general practitioner, family doctor or proctologist.

An food rich in fibers and an adequate intake of Water can facilitate bowel function and prevent hardened stools that promote bleeding.