Does every pregnant woman get sick?

Expert answer:

Do not. Not everyone gets pregnant..

The pregnancy sickness begin around the 5th and 6th week of gestation, that is, in the second month of pregnancy.

I get sick with or without vomiting is one of the most common symptoms in the onset of gestation.

Nausea may come as a symptom alone or accompanied by others such as increased tenderness in the breasts, tiredness, and increased urinary frequency.

Not all pregnant you will feel sick in the first weeks of gestation.

In general, nausea begins in the second month of gestation, becomes more intense in the 2nd and 3rd month and, from the 4th and 5th month, there is a significant improvement in nausea. However, this is relative and every woman can feel with greater or lesser intensity.

Some women may prolong nausea for the other months of gestation.

The sickness can be controlled and reduced with the use of some medications, foods like ginger, acupuncture, hypnosis or other therapies. Talk about it with your doctor during your prenatal visits.