I had my first time, now I feel the urge to urinate?

Doctor, I had my first time two days ago, and I feel an uneasiness, an ardent urination, this is normal, the pain is not very big, it's just a discomfort. What do I have to worry about? Thanks in advance
Expert answer:

After having sex for the first time, there may be ardence to urinate. Through the friction which occurs during the sexual act, it is normal to burn in the first few days. This ardence, in general, ceases to exist after passing these first days and in the next relations.

Another situation that may occur is the urine infection, very common in women who initiate sexual activities and during active sexual life, since the infection can be triggered by the sexual act.

With it, the woman can feel burning when urinating, frequent urination and in some cases, pain and burning when urinating. The presence of blood in the urine can also be observed. Most cases of urinary tract infection are caused by bacteria and the treatment is done with antibiotic medicines.

THE vulvovaginitis, an infection of the vagina caused by bacteria and other microorganisms, can also cause burning when urinating, besides itching and vaginal discharge. The treatment can be done with antifungal ointments or antibiotics, depending on the infectious agent.

The person should observe the ardence. If it is constant, it is advisable to seek a health service for an evaluation and use of the indicated medication.

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