I had a premature birth of 28 weeks ...

I had a premature birth of 28 weeks, after cerclage my baby came to death after 27 hrs of childbirth, today it has been 9 months since everything happened under the guidance of my doctor that after 6 months I could get pregnant, today I am pregnant 5 / 6 weeks, my question is my ultrasound, which gave me this result: "enlarged uterus presenting a gestational sac with regular walls on the uterine fundus, no ovular detachment, no liquid collections in the pelvic cavity, I suggest ultrasound control in 2 weeks for embryonic vitality.And this is my doubt, embryonic vitality, what does this mean I have some problem in the formation of the embryo?
Expert answer:

Vitality means "life" as its gestation is very early on the doctor failed to assess the vitality of the fetus (if it is alive), so repeat in 2 weeks. But do not worry this happens when the woman does the ultrasound very early (usually because she is anxious), she should have waited a few more weeks to do the ultrasound.