I took two birth control pills on the same day

When I took my contraceptive I thought I'd forgotten to take one of the pills. So I took two at a time, and then only realized that I had not forgotten just taken the one of another day in the case of the last day. I want to know if I'm at risk of getting pregnant and if I need to start over again or can I take this and start next normally? In short, I took two pills at a time and will miss the last one. What do you think I should do?
Expert answer:

If the woman takes two pills in one day, the next day she should continue to take the medication normally taking one tablet a day. That way, she will finish the card one day ahead of schedule.

Even so, you should make the scheduled break according to the contraceptive (some 7 days and another 4 days) and start the new card as usual.

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