Is Zyprexa a more effective antipsychotic than Risperidone?

My dear, I take risperidone, and my doctor has taken rivotril 2mg, but it is to take half a tablet in the morning and a half at night, you do not think I should take 1 tablet of rivotril at night and in the morning, I think half the dosage is little, I wanted to know if zyprexa is a more effective antipsychotic than risperidone, my doctor went zyprexa only I became more tense, I also took three tablets only, what do you think, zypreza or risperidone? thankful.
Expert answer:

First of all you need to follow the advice of your doctor, otherwise it does not make sense to consult with her, if you feel like changing the medication you need to talk to her and only change with the approval of your doctor. In dealing with such complex disease and subjective assessment as your illness it is difficult to tell if one medicine is better or worse than the other, it all depends on your adaptation to the medicine and also on the effect it has on you.