Can Zika be transmitted by kiss?

Expert answer:

There is no scientific evidence that the zika can be transmitted by kiss. Although the virus is also present in the saliva, it is not possible to state that the transmission of zika can occur through kiss on the mouth. Further studies are needed to confirm this hypothesis.

This is because several factors which determine the transmission of a virus, such as viral charge (amount of virus) that the infected person carries and the medium which may or may not favor the development of the microbe. The virus can pass into the stomach, for example, and be destroyed by the digestive juices.

Thus, it is not because a person is infected with zika that it will transmit the disease through the saliva. However, as it is not yet known whether transmission can occur through kissing, the wiser it is avoid exposures the virus, especially pregnant women.

THE main form of transmission of zika it's because of the sting of mosquito Aedes aegypti, although there are records of transmission through sexual intercourse, blood transfusion and the mother to the fetus.

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