Bed Peeing: Which Doctor Should Look For?

Expert answer:

Bed-wetting (bedwetting) is usually treated by pediatrician. However, if the problem persists adolescence or adulthood, you might want to consult a urologist doctor, who is the specialist responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases and disorders related to the organs of the male and female urinary tract.

THE nocturnal enuresis is the involuntary act of urinating during sleep, so that the bladder is completely or almost empty. It occurs in children with an intact urinary tract, at an age when they should already have control of urination.

What are the causes of nocturnal enuresis in adolescence?

A teenager may urinate in bed for the following reasons:

  • Genetic predisposition: If only one parent had enuresis, the likelihood of the children also wetting their beds increases by 45%; if the father and mother are enuretic, the chances increase 75%;
  • Production of high urine during sleep: Most people produce little urine while sleeping due to the action of the hormone vasopressin. However, individuals suffering from nocturnal enuresis may produce less vasopressin, which increases the amount of urine beyond the capacity of the bladder, leading to involuntary urination;
  • Lack of neurological maturation in the mechanism of sleep awakening or innervation of the bladder;
  • Emotional Factors, although it is rare.

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