I took the Women's Health on the first day of menstruation ...

Hello, I took the Women's Health on the first day of menstruation, because I was told that for those who try to get pregnant it resolves, so I took it on the first day and it should take until the seventh day of the cycle, but on the third day my menses stopped, much less only dirty the paper when I go to the bathroom to pee, and it is clearer, it will be standard, or it is working and will regulate menstruation. I'm full of doubt. Thanks for the reply. Hugs.Att. Leandra
Expert answer:

I have no idea what this product is, but under the name "Women's Health", it should probably be a product that only helps those who produce and sell it ... You have to ask this question to the doctor who prescribed you , if you are taking an over-the-counter medication, seek medical advice.

"Women's Health: It is an old herbal medicine, sold in pharmacies all over Brazil, doctors prescribed it for women who entered menopause, with hormonal disorders, it is made with several medicinal plants including a herb called agoniada. Laboratories of Brazil do research with these herbs to know if they really help in the "problems" that it says it acts. Research shows that yes. but is not recommended in case of pregnancy, because the agonized plant also has abortive action"

Here comes the more important question, any "natural" or "artificial" remedy, when used without proper medical prescription and guidance can become an even more serious problem.