I take contraceptive pills and I have bleeding ...

Hello, last Tuesday I went to take my medicine, but it fell from my hand, and then I took a pill from another carton, two days later began to start that menstrual period, brown and a little blood ... But I continued taking my medicine normally, and lasted almost 2 days, and then stopped. On the sixth of the same week I started to have diarrhea and I am up to today, I went to the doctor, I took blood and it was reported that it was something that I ate, but today it started to get a clear blood ... it is able that the remedy is not being absorbed correctly during those days of diarrhea and menstruation? Saturday ends my card, I continue to drink?
Expert answer:

You should end the pack normally, if any, and the diarrhea may interfere with the efficacy of the contraceptive.