I have been suffering from palpitations for some years ...

Dr., how are you? Well, first I have been suffering with some palpitations for some years, but I did all the exams and nothing was diagnosed. However, for about three days I have been feeling a very great discomfort in my stomach and today I felt numbness in my left arm for at least ten seconds. What can it be? In the last three months I've been taking ibuprofen a lot, can you have any links? You were scared because I'm living outside and I do not have much access to doctors here. Thanks.
Expert answer:

I know of your condition and abroad is always a little more difficult access to medicine, but I can not do diagnosis or treatment over the internet. Palpitations in young people statistically most of the time is associated with anxiety problems. Ibuprofen is an anti-inflammatory and as such it can do bad to the stomach if used in excess, however gastric problems and numbness in young people may also be associated with anxiety. Emotional problems are what we often call exclusionary diagnoses (excluding physical illnesses are left with only emotional problems), so consultation with a doctor is so important, to state that it is an anxiety problem, other causes need to be removed first .