Taking vinegar to lose weight is bad?

Expert answer:

Take vinegar to lose weight can be harmful to health, because the vinegar is very acid and, in excess, can irritate the garga, the stomach and even injure the mucous membranes, causing heartburn and stomachache.

Besides that, there is no scientific evidence that the consumption of vinegar before meals helps to lose weight, as suggested by vinegar diet.

O Apple vinegar has been widely used in weight loss diets since there are indications that the Acetic Acid, main component of vinegar, has thermogenic action and therefore speeds up the metabolism.

Other alleged benefits attributed to vinegar are decreased absorption of carbohydrates it's the prolongation of sensation of satiety, which could also contribute to weight loss.

However, even if vinegar has properties that interfere with metabolism and help you lose weight, weight loss will only be possible through a balanced feed, with low calories, preferably associated with physical exercises.

There is no food that can make you lose weight on your own. Even the thermogenic foods, which in fact accelerate the metabolism, such as cinnamon and green tea, are not able to produce a weight loss the scale.

If you want to lose weight in a healthy way, consult a nutritionist to follow a personalized diet plan, appropriate to your caloric and nutritional needs.

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