Is ice cream good for anyone who has a cold or a sore throat?

Expert answer:

Eat ice cream does not hurt for who is with the flu, but is harmful to the sore throat. Ice cream, ice water, and other cold drinks or foods do not worsen the symptoms of colds and flu, but should be avoided by those with inflammation of the throat.

About the flu, the temperature of the body or food and beverages ingested does not interfere with the course of the disease.

The flu is caused by a virus that spreads through the body. Drink ice cream or ice cream does not improve or worsen the disease, so it does not need to be avoided by those who have the flu.

In case of sore throat the situation is different. This is because the cold of the ice cream can change the local defenses of the throat mucosa in two ways:

  1. Causes contraction of blood vessels, which makes it difficult to cure inflammation. Whenever there is inflammation, the blood vessels dilate to increase blood supply to the site in order to speed up the resolution of the problem. A decrease in the caliber of blood vessels impairs this natural process of defending the body;
  2. Changes the eyelashes, which help to eliminate microorganisms and foreign bodies from the mucosa of the throat.

In addition, the abuse of ice cream or cold drinks can increase the pain and the irritation in the throat.

In case of a sore throat or flu, consult a family doctor or general practitioner for proper diagnosis and treatment, as well as guidelines on what to avoid in each situation.

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