Taking the next day pill then decreases its effectiveness?

Good morning, doctor. My period ended on 31/08. On 04/09 I had a relationship and the condom broke, I took the morning-after pill. But on 10/09 the condom burst again, I'm going to take the morning-after pill again. Am I at risk of becoming pregnant? Does the pill decrease its effectiveness if taken with a very short space? What do I do? Thanks.
Expert answer:

You are at risk of becoming pregnant, yes. The efficacy of the morning after pill is not 100% and its use in a short time does not diminish its effect. You must do nothing; the one that has passed does not come back anymore, the way is to wait and if the delayed menstruation does the examination of pregnancy. I have one question: how come you guys have been able to pop the condom twice in a row?