Taking soda during pregnancy is wrong?

Expert answer:

Taking soda during pregnancy does not properly do evil for the mother or the baby, provided that it is moderately consumed and the pregnant woman has no contraindications, such as diabetes, for example.

Refrigerants based on paste and guarana should be avoided during pregnancy because of caffeine, which, in excess, may decrease fetal growth and appear to be related to preterm deliveries and abortions.

Soft drinks also increase the gastric discomfort of pregnant women because of gas and contribute weight gain and the development of Gestational diabetesbecause they are rich in sugar.

Even if the refrigerant is "zero", it favors fluid retention because it is rich in sodium, thus increasing the swelling that is already common during pregnancy.

In addition, soft drinks are unhealthy, do not provide essential nutrients for the mother and the baby's development and can harm the bones.

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For all these reasons, the ideal would be to avoid taking sodas during pregnancy or at least consuming them with much moderation.

For more information about what you can and should not eat and drink during pregnancy, talk to your family physician or obstetrician in charge of prenatal care.

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