Taking too much antibiotic is wrong?

Expert answer:

Yes, taking too much antibiotic is bad, mainly due to the risk of bacteria become resistant to the drug, which can cause serious infections.

Taking too much antibiotic too often can also liver damage, which metabolizes the medication, in addition to weakening the body's natural defenses, increasing the risk infections.

Some antibiotics such as tetracycline, can cause stains on teeth and therefore should be avoided by children. However, such medications have not been prescribed anymore since there are new formulas that do not harm the teeth and are more effective.

It is important to remember that antibiotics do not kill only the bacteria that cause disease. It destroys good bacteria and but and our body is full of bacteria that play an important role in the defense of the body.

The bacteria in the vaginal flora, for example, protect the region against other micro-organisms that cause disease. Frequent use of antibiotics can kill these protective bacteria, favoring the development of vaginal infections, such as candidiasis.

The same happens in the intestine, which also has its own flora. The antibiotic can destroy the bacteria that inhabit the organ, increasing the risks of infections and diarrhea

In children, the indiscriminate use of antibiotics can harm your immune system, favoring the appearance of diseases in the future.

This is because most of the bacteria that live in the digestive tract contribute to the formation of a healthy immune system in childhood and, as we have seen, the antibiotic does not distinguish between good and bad bacteria.

For all these reasons, people should only take prescription antibiotics and strictly follow the times, doses and time of treatment. Misuse of the drug leaves the body less resistant, increases the risk of side effects and makes the bacteria more resistant.

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