Does taking omega 3 lose weight?

Expert answer:

Omega 3 helps to lose weight because it helps control appetite and favors transformation of sugar into energy before it is stored in the form of fat. Thus, omega 3 contributes to the process of weight loss, as long as its use is associated with a diet with few calories.

THE insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas and serves to transport glucose (sugar) into cells. Inside the cell, glucose is transformed into energy, which is then used to keep the body functioning.

However, a part of that sugar that is not used by the body is stored in the form of body fat. Omega 3 fights this process by activating a cellular protein that potentiates the action of insulinthereby increasing the uptake of glucose by the cells.

This allows the body to use this excess circulating sugar before it is turned into fat and stored by the body, favoring weight loss.

Another benefit of omega 3 for weight loss is its ability to regulate hormone levels leptin. This hormone, secreted by the fat cells of the body, tells the brain when to stop eating. So it can be said that omega 3 helps control appetite.

It is important to stress that omega 3 can help to lose weight, acting as an aid in the process of weight loss. To have weight loss it is necessary to have a balanced diet with low calories.

Omega 3 is mainly present in fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines, trout, mackerel and herring. Daily consumption should be greater than 1.8 g, equivalent to 300 grams of fish per week.

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The use of capsules omega 3 should be indicated by a doctor or nutritionist, who will take into account the history of the person and their needs, indicating how much, when and how it should take the supplement.

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