Taking two pills decreases the effectiveness of the contraceptive?

Expert answer:

Take two pills together does not decrease the effectiveness of the contraceptive, however there is no necessity to take more than one pill per day.

Contraceptive pills are planned to be taken 1 every day and preferably At the same time every day.

This situation of taking 2 pills on the same day can happen when the woman forget to drink a pill, and then she should take the forgotten pill as soon as possible. When forgetfulness occurs, some failure may occur and it is recommended to use another contraceptive method together as the male or female condom to ensure protection.

If the woman takes two pills on the same day, the next day she should continue to take the medication usually taking one tablet a day. That way, she will finish the card one day ahead of schedule. Even so, you should make the scheduled break according to the contraceptive (some 7 days and another 4 days) and start the new card as usual.