Drinking smoked meat every day or can you get fat?

Expert answer:

Drink chimarrão every day can help you lose weight, because the mate grass has diuretic and astringent action, which helps eliminate toxins that, in excess, make it difficult to lose weight and can make you fat.

The chimarrão also decreases appetite and can accelerate metabolism, thus favoring weight loss.

One of the reasons why chimarrão can help you lose weight is to caffeine, present in great quantity in the herb mate. In addition to being stimulating, caffeine facilitates the burning of body fat.

The recommendation is that it be taken 1 liter of chimarrão per day to have an effect on weight loss.

However, it is important to remember that chimarrão can contribute to weight loss if its consumption is associated with a low calorie diet.

The chimarrão alone is not able to make lose weight, therefore it is not enough to just take the tea. You need to change your diet to see results by following a diet prescribed by a nutritionist.