Taking antidepressant gets fat?

Expert answer:

To take antidepressant can to get fat or lose weight. It depends on the medication and the time of treatment. Among the antidepressant medications that can cause weight gain are:

  • Paroxetine;
  • Sertraline;
  • Amitriptyline;
  • Clomipramine;
  • Mirtazapine.

Others such as bupropion and fluoxetine interfere little in weight and may favor weight loss.

Antidepressants are medicines to treat a variety of psychiatric disorders and may side effect a discreet change in weight, both for more and less. This change is usually not large and can be attributed to other factors such as improved well-being, increased appetite, and craving for carbohydrates.

Never take antidepressants on your own and with the main goal of getting fat or losing weight. The general practitioner, family doctor or psychiatrist can best indicate when to use the antidepressant and what the side effects are.

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