Taking contraception without taking a break can I get pregnant?

When I take contraception without interval, does ovulation occur? And you're in danger of getting pregnant?
Expert answer:

O contraceptive effect does not change when the woman takes the pill without performing the interval between the cartons. Therefore, if you take the contraceptive correctly without taking a break, the chance of getting pregnant is minimal.

It should be remembered that the contraceptive it's a method 99% effective, that is, there is a minimal chance, less than 1% in pregnancy even for women who make proper use of the pill.

O interval between one card and another is recommended according to each medication, and may vary from 4 to 7 days. On these interval days, the bleeding equivalent to menstruation, and after this pause, the woman should start the new card and continue taking the medication as indicated. During this break, hormones from the pill continue to act in the woman's body and prevent unwanted pregnancy. So, avoiding the interval between cartons does not increase the efficacy of the pill, nor does it decrease the possibility of becoming pregnant.

Failure to perform the interval may be recommended for some women to avoid bleeding. However, in general, this pause can be performed without any problem.

If you have any additional questions, you should contact the gynecologist, family doctor or general practitioner for an evaluation.