Is lymph node tuberculosis contagious?

Expert answer:

No, lymph node tuberculosis it is not contagious. This is a type of extrapulmonary tuberculosis, that is, it does not affect the lungs, so it is not transmitted from person to person through respiratory secretions.

Ganglionic tuberculosis affects the lymph nodes (lymph nodes), which are small defense organs located in various parts of the body.

People with lymph node tuberculosis are not able to transmit the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis, also known as Koch's bacillus, which causes the disease. These individuals do not need to be in isolation and can contact other people because there is no risk of contagion.

Already the Pulmonary Tuberculosis, which is the most common form of the disease, is contagious. When someone with tuberculosis sneezes or coughs, it removes respiratory secretion droplets contaminated with the bacteria. Transmission to other people occurs through the airways, by inhaling these secretory droplets suspended in the air.

Therefore, a patient with lymph node tuberculosis can transmit the disease if it is also in the pulmonary form of tuberculosis, which usually occurs in patients with immunodeficiency related to AIDS.

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