Tetanus: how do you contract and how to avoid it?

Expert answer:

A person can get tetanus contamination of a wound on the skin or mucosa by the bacterium Clostridium tetanios , found in the form of spores in the soil, manure and surface of objects. The best way to avoid disease it's through vaccination.

When it contaminates a wound, the C. tetanios becomes capable of producing a toxin which acts on the nerve endings and causes the strong muscle contractions which characterize tetanus.

The main way to prevent tetanus is through tetanus vaccine, available free of charge at the SUS Basic Health Units. The use of personal protective equipment also contributes to the prevention of tetanus as it avoids injuries, as well as proper and correct care of open or pointed wounds.

Because of the severity of the disease, its complications, and the need for a trained care team, tetanus treatment should always be done in a hospital environment.