Inflamed navel: what can it be?

Expert answer:

Inflamed navel may be caused by piercing or other foreign body, a endometriosis (development of the cells of the inner layer of the uterus outside the uterine cavity), a folliculitis (inflammation of the hair follicle), or may still be due to the persistence of urachus (embryonic structure that connects the navel to the bladder).

An inflammation in the navel usually causes pain and there may be some secretion on site.

O belly button newborn can also ignite. Parents should be alert to signs such as whitish discharge, redness and swelling, which may indicate an infection. In these cases, the baby needs to be seen by the pediatrician.

THE omphalitis (umbilical stump infection) can progress to generalized infection. Although rare in industrialized countries, omphalitis remains a common cause of death in less developed regions.

As an inflammation in the navel can have several causes, you should consult the general practitioner or family doctor in these situations, who will treat or refer you to another specialist.

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