Is Urease a bacterium?

Expert answer:

Do not. Urease is not a bacterium.

Urease is enzyme which converts urea to ammonia and carbonic acid and then into bicarbonate. This enzyme is produced by the bacterium Helicobacter pylori that is hosted stomach and benefits from the result that the enzyme offers. The enzyme by transforming the urea present in the gastric juice, decreases the acidity of the stomach and allows the bacteria to live in these conditions.

The urease test is performed by endoscopy to evaluate the presence or absence of the bacterium H. pylori. Normally, when the result is positive, the test accuses that there is bacteria in the stomach.

THE H. pylori may be associated with stomach ulcer or gastritis and some studies put the bacteria as a risk factor for stomach cancer.

The infection by the bacteria can be asymptomatic (the person has no symptoms) or symptomatic. The treatment is not indicated for all people and should be weighed by the doctor who is caring for the patient.