Urethritis: What are the symptoms and possible complications?

Expert answer:

The main symptom of urethritis is pain Or the blazing when urinating. However, the presence of other signs and symptoms such as constant urge to urinate, difficulty in eliminating urine, itching and the presence of discharge are common.

We men, the first symptom of urethritis is usually the appearance of secretion in the urethra, usually purulent, when the infection is caused by bacteria.

Discharges caused by other microorganisms usually have the appearance of mucus, ie they are transparent and viscous. The purulent secretions, bacterial urethritis, have a whitish or yellowish color due to pus.

Urethritis is much more common in women due to the proximity of the urethra to the anus, which favors the entrance of bacteria that inhabit the intestine. In men, the distance is greater and bacterial infection becomes more difficult.


Without treatment or inadequately treated, urethritis can cause complications such as cervicitis and pelvic inflammatory disease in women, as well as orchitis, epididymitis or prostatitis in men.

The sequelae may include infertility and stenosis of the urethra, a condition that can lead to the formation of an abscess around the urethra that compresses the urine channel.

The infection in these cases can also reach the upper portion of the urethra and reach the bladder (cystitis).

The treatment of urethritis depends on its cause. Infectious diseases are usually treated with antibiotic medicines. The diagnosis and treatment of urethritis is the responsibility of the gynecologist or urologist.

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