Very yellow urine: what can it be?

Expert answer:

Very yellow urine is usually a sign dehydration. The lack of water intake or the loss of large amounts of body fluid from sweat leave the urine more concentrated, with a more yellowish color. In these cases, in addition to being darker, the urine also has a stronger smell.

The yellow color of urine indicates the concentration of impurities that the kidney filtered from the blood and eliminated. The more dilute these debris are, the clearer the urine. The less diluted, the stronger the color of urine.

Therefore, a very yellow urine indicates that lack of water in the body. This can occur, for example, on warmer days where perspiration is more intense and fluid intake is insufficient to replenish what has been swept away.

Even on colder days the loss of water through perspiration is lower. Therefore, the volume of urine is larger and urine tends to clear. If the fluid intake is abundant, it is normal for the urine to become almost colorless.

Therefore, observing the color of the urine is a good way to know if the body is well hydrated or not. If it is very yellow, you need to drink more water.

However, it is important to remember that dark urine can also be a sign of health problems, such as urinary infection, hepatitis and even cancer in the urinary tract, especially if the urine has foam, pus or a very strong odor. In the presence of these symptoms, consult a urologist doctor.

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