Is sweet urine a sign of diabetes?

Expert answer:

Sweet urine can be a sign of diabetes, because when urine is sweet it means sugar is present in it (glycosuria), which happens when the amount of sugar in the blood is increased (hyperglycemia) and that excess is passing to urine, characteristic signs of diabetes mellitus, but to be sure it is necessary to perform blood tests. With these results and the clinical examination of the patient, the doctor can confirm if it is diabetes or not.

Signs and Symptoms of Diabetes:

  • increased hunger (polyphagia),
  • increased thirst with increased fluid intake (polydipsia),
  • urinating too much (polyuria),
  • weight loss,
  • high blood sugar,
  • loss of sugar in the urine.

The endocrinologist is the doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes.