We had an unprotected relationship and she used the PDS ...

I have a question that does not come out of my head. Me and my girlfriend had an unprotected relationship last Sunday, 06/24/12 (which was very fast and without ejaculation inside the vagina). Usually her menstrual cycle is 28 days and her last menstrual period occurred on 06/12/12 (the first day of her last menstrual period). But after this relationship, we were concerned if she was in her fertile time and she decided to make use of the morning-after pill. So, 5 pm after the relationship (on Monday morning) she took the first tablet of the medicine and 29 hours after the relationship made the second intake. She said that she had some symptoms after taking the pill (like nausea, she had to vomit very little about 4 hours after taking the pill, but I think it's normal for what she said in the package insert). The point is that 6 days after she took the pill, appeared a weak discharge, brown in color and accompanied by very weak cramps. And then it went up and came out stronger (like a little coffee bubble). Would it be a nesting? A possible pregnancy? Or is this discharge normal because of the use of the morning-after pill? Thank you in advance! Ps. Please, we need URGENT response to reassure us of what it really is.
Expert answer:

From what she told about the symptoms she had and that bleeding are due to the morning after pill, however the possibility or not of pregnancy depends on the period of the menstrual cycle that she was, so if she was in the middle of the cycle the chances of getting pregnant are greater. Now everything depends on what is going to happen (for example: if the menstruation delays more than 15 days must do the pregnancy examination).