Every time I get nervous and anxious, bleeding

Good evening, I'd like to know, I had a right ovary removal surgery and the tube because I had a cyst. Very large 2 years ago and the same day lining. About two months ago, every time I get nervous and anxious, bleeding occurs. my menstruation has always been very strict for about 4 days. But I'm worried when I get nervous I feel pain in the womb and bleeds a lot what can be? Thanks.
Expert answer:

Your main problem should be depression or anxiety. Psychological illnesses usually choose an organ (target organ, different for each person) to relay some of the psychological pain and relieve internal tension, turning it into physical symptoms, such as in your case vaginal bleeding. You need to treat your nervousness and it will probably improve from the physical. In some cases this is mere coincidence (unlikely) and you have both (psychological problem and physical problem in the womb). You need to find a gynecologist.