Can a hernia return after surgery?

Expert answer:

Yes, a hernia can return after surgery, although the risk is small.

Depending on the surgical technique used, the anatomical characteristics of the person and the type of activity performed, there is a possibility of a hernia (inguinal, umbilical, incisional, femoral) returning after surgery.

In the past, when you had surgery to treat a hernia, the weakness or abdominal wall failure which caused the onset of the hernia was corrected by sewing the patient's own tissue.

As the tissue is fragile by nature, it was more likely to loosen and the hernia reappear in the same place.

Over time, the surgery began to be done with the placement of a screen, a kind of "patch" that strengthens the region. With this technique, the risk of hernia return is much lower.

In case of relapse (return of the hernia), it is necessary to perform a second surgery surgery to remove the hernia.

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