Can a woman ovulate without menstruating?

Expert answer:

No, a woman can not ovulate without menstruating because menstruation and ovulation depend on each other and can not happen separately. When the woman menstruates, it is as if the uterus was sending a message to the brain saying: there is no pregnancy, I will flake. The brain then sends a signal to the ovaries to produce another ovum, because a pregnancy has not yet occurred.

Menstruation is the result of a ovulation which did not generate a pregnancy. So if the woman is not menstruating, it means she is not producing eggs for some reason. Otherwise, menstruation would have to happen.

What is and how does menstruation occur?

Throughout the months of a woman's reproductive life, her body prepares for a pregnancy. Under the action of several hormones, one or more ovules (female reproductive cells) are produced in the ovaries and transported to the uterus, where they wait to join the sperm and begin a gestation.

When fertilization does not occur (union of the ovum with the sperm), the inner layer of the uterus (endometrium), which has been prepared to receive the fertilized egg, breaks down and leaves through the vagina in the form of blood, a new cycle.

This bleeding is called menstruation and the time interval between them is called menstrual cycle

In the event of a delay in menstruation longer than 15 days, consult your gynecologist in order to detect the cause of this delay.

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