Vaginismus: what is the treatment?

Expert answer:

The treatment of vaginismus is directed to the cause of the dysfunction and has as main objective end the involuntary contraction which characterizes vaginismus. Treatment may include physiotherapy sessions, psychotherapy and sexual therapy.

What is the treatment of vaginismus with physical therapy?

Physiotherapy treats the physical part of vaginismus and visa reeducate the brain to stop associating sex with pain. The woman learns to relax the muscles of the pelvic floor to increase her perception of the pelvis and not "block" at the time of the relationship.

Physiotherapeutic treatment also includes electrostimulation, use of vaginal dilators and Exercises made at home.

Why should I do psychotherapy to treat vaginismus?

The fear and all the emotional side that can be in the origin of the vaginismo are treated with psychotherapy, preferably to Cognitive behavioral therapy.

Psychotherapy will work the self knowledge, a self esteem, as well as investment in one's own life and sexuality of the woman. Some sexual concepts may be reformulated.

The association of psychotherapy with the treatment of vaginismus is fundamental to better results and the cure for the problem. However, the participation of women is fundamental for therapeutic success.

How is sexual therapy to treat vaginismus?

Sexual therapy helps a woman to understand the mechanisms that cause the sexual problems. Thus, she can better adapt to the situation and have a quality sex life.

Sexual therapy will address:

  • Anxiety and fear related to the anticipation of pain;
  • Behavior of flight to sexual intercourse;
  • Repulsed by touch;
  • Lack of self-esteem and self-confidence;
  • Excessive preoccupation with body image.

The purpose of therapy is to self knowledge and the body perception through relaxation techniques, exercises and guidelines.

O duration of vaginismus treatment varies according to the degree of "blocking", and may months or years.

Because vaginismus can have many facets, it is very important to have a multidisciplinary approach of dysfunction, with participation of gynecologist, physiotherapist and psychotherapist, all with experience in sexuality.