Flu vaccine: who can or can not take?

Expert answer:

All persons over 6 months of age can take the flu vaccine. Who can not take allergic to egg protein, which is used in the manufacture of the vaccine.

People who have had Adverse reactions previous doses of the influenza vaccine or are allergic to any of its components, should consult a physician to evaluate the risk benefit of being vaccinated.

Although virtually everyone can take the flu vaccine (except for the exceptions explained earlier), there are certain risk groups vaccination campaigns.

These groups, as determined by the World Health Organization (WHO), risk of contracting the most severe form of influenza, which can progress to pneumonia and even lead to death. They are part of this target audience:

  • Children older than 6 months and under 5 years;
  • Individuals aged 60 years or over;
  • Health workers;
  • Indian people;
  • Pregnant women;
  • Puerperas (women within 45 days of delivery);
  • Persons deprived of their liberty;
  • Prison staff;
  • Patients with non-communicable chronic diseases or with special clinical conditions (respiratory, cardiac, renal, hepatic and neurological problems, diabetes, obesity, low immunity, transplanted patients).

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O influenza vaccine target is to avoid serious cases and deaths, and not eliminate transmission of the virus. Hence the priority in vaccinating the groups most vulnerable to complications and deaths.

THE Most flu cases are mild and resolve spontaneously., without sequels or major problems. However, in these at-risk groups, the condition may complicate and progress to other serious diseases, such as bacterial pneumonia.

The family physician or general practitioner may clarify further questions and advise the patient on whether or not to take the flu vaccine.