Wart itchy? Is it bad to scratch wart?

Expert answer:

Yes, wart may itch and it does not scratch the wart because the contact with the lesion transports the virus to other parts of the body, spread the infection. Although they are benign, warts are highly contagious.

O HPV virus which causes the warts to penetrate the skin through small wounds that act as the entrance door.

If after to scratch the wart the person to pass the hand in any wound in the skin, even if it is a small cut that not even notice, already can be contamination by the virus.

Another problem with wart scratching is the risk of nail injury and cause an infection on the spot.

THE transmission of HPV virus occurs through direct contact with the warts or with infected objects.

The best way to prevent the proliferation of warts to other parts of the body or transmission to other people is to remove them through the application of specific medications or surgical methods.

Some care that helps prevent the appearance of warts:

  • Cover lesions or skin cuts with dressings;
  • Avoid barefoot;
  • Avoid direct contact with the warts (own or third parties);
  • Use condoms;
  • Take HPV vaccine to prevent genital warts.

The diagnosis and treatment of warts is the responsibility of the dermatologist.