I took birth control and my period did not stop. Can I be pregnant? What to do?

Expert answer:

With continuous and correct use of contraceptives, it is not uncommon for menstruation not to stop. In the presence of Continuous vaginal bleeding should always be investigated.

O correct and flawless use of contraceptive medication throughout the month ensures contraceptive protection. No contraceptive method is 100% safe, so the possibility of pregnancy, even being very reduced, is possible.

In general, the pregnancy is characterized by absence of menstruation and it can be diagnosed from the time amenorrhea (absence of menstruation) is detected. Any bleeding that occurs during pregnancy, regardless of gestational age, should also be investigated.

There is no common bleeding during pregnancy. In contraceptive use and in the presence of permanent bleeding, the woman should seek a health service for a detailed evaluation of the cause of this bleeding.