I took birth control without knowing I was pregnant. Could that have harmed the baby?

Expert answer:

The use of contraception inadvertently at the onset of gestation has not been associated with teratogenic effects in the fetus. Therefore, taking contraception early in pregnancy, not knowing that you were probably pregnant did not hurt his / her baby.

When detecting pregnancy, the woman should immediately suspend the use of contraceptives and other medications and should initiate follow-up prenatal. If the woman makes continuous use of other medication, this should be discussed at the first visit to assess whether she should continue using the medication, whether to suspend or change the dosage.

The inadvertent use of some medications in early pregnancy is common because the woman does not yet know that she is pregnant. Therefore, knowing about pregnancy is recommended to stop all medications.

Frequent routine prenatal visits for proper follow-up of the gestation and development of your baby.