I took the Mesigyna injection four years ago and never menstruated?

Well, I took the Mesigyna injection four years ago and I've never had any menstrual problems with me?
Expert answer:

THE Mesigyna® may cause reduction of menstrual bleeding, including suppression of menstruation.

However, with the continuous use of medication, a reassessment with the gynecologist, family doctor or general practitioner is always valid. identify if there are other causes for absence of menstruation.

Mesigyna® is a contraceptive contraceptive which should be used every month. The Side effects are usually present in the first few months of administration, but after this adjustment period it is well accepted by women. The side effects most reported by women are changes in the menstrual cycle, pain and tenderness in the breasts, mood instability, headaches and weight gain.

Although the absence of menstruation is one of the effects caused by Mesigyna®, you can consult one of these professionals for a detailed evaluation.