I take the contraceptive YAZ and I had a condom-free relationship ...

I am with a doubt, I take the contraceptive YAZ, but I had a condom-free relationship on the 19th day of use of the card, as the relationship was recent, I was afraid of becoming pregnant and I took the morning-after pill, I continued taking YAZ until I finished the I paused and my chin did not come. Is it normal to delay like this? Today is already the day to return with the cart, the end of the pause and the menstruation has not yet come. Could you answer me, please? Thanks.
Expert answer:

Eventually the menstruation may not come, mainly because you took the morning-after pill, restart the new pack on the right day regardless of your menstruation. If you take contraceptives you do not need to be afraid, it does not make sense to use the morning-after pill.