I take risperidone and now the doctor added rivotril ...

My dear, I take risperidone, about 9 years, I had three outbreaks, after I finished with my ex-wife, I take risperidone 2mg at night and 2mg in the morning, this week I went to my doctor, she added rivotril 2mg, if risperidone and rivotril will be good, for psychotic, since I freaked out, my life stopped, I can not work anymore, study, or rather I vegetate, even with risperidone I feel good, but wanted a medicine that gave me the courage to do the things, like running after work, going back to school. I wanted clarification in my case. Thank you very much in advance. Thankful. Flavio.
Expert answer:

Rivotron associated with risperidone is a good choice in controlling your disease, but the two will do what they set out to do that seems to be a little distant from your desire, you need to tell your doctor your wish (the simple fact of thinking about working and studying is a good sign), maybe she will offer you other forms of treatment besides medicines.