Does a different brand contraceptive have the same effect?

Expert answer:

Yes. Contraceptives in pill have the same effect even though they are of different brands.

When the contraceptive has the same compound and changes only the brand name, it usually has the same dosage of each component (progestogen and / or estrogen), so the amount of medication in the bloodstream will not change. However, there are contraceptives from different brands that do not have equal dosages.

What should be taken into consideration when changing a brand is that there is no gap between the cartons, ie the first tablet of the new carton should be started the day after the old carton is finished.

It is not recommended to change contraceptive brands frequently. The dosage of each contraceptive can change minimally and impact the menstrual cycle and adaptation to medication. Therefore, a change of brand occasionally is not harmful, but the monthly change or constant can cause hormonal imbalances.

When the exchange is between different types of contraceptive methods, such as going from the pill to the injection, IUD or implant care should be higher and the recommendations are different.

The gynecologist, general practitioner or family doctor can guide the decision of which type of contraceptive is most appropriate in your case, as well as evaluate the possible contraindications of each method.