A lump in the breast: Should I make another ultrasound?

The text will be a little long, but I'll expose everything that happened with details, if you could help me, I would be extremely grateful. This is the following, a few weeks ago, bathing my son (he is 2 years and 7 months) I lowered myself and noticed a lump in my breast, was sore and swollen, could feel right and that was new and recent, because my breast is small and if I had been there before I would have noticed. Anyway, I immediately called and made an appointment with a gynecologist, since the birth of my son that I did not go to the doctor. I took it and made it preventive, he asked transvaginal and ultra breast, he also felt the lump but soon said he thought it was an abscess. Well, I ran, I made the ultrasound, in the result of the ultra appeared a nodule of 1cm, oval, with regular contours and very close to the skin which suggested a benign nodule (fibroadenoma) category bi rads 3 (finding probably benign with margin of error of 2%), the doctor who did the ultra, seeing my despair tried to reassure me that this was super normal and that I was not to worry, to get the report and take it to my doctor that he would reassure me. Afraid, I marked a mastologist and did not even go back to the gynecologist. This doctor is very well reputed but it caused me a lot of terror! My mother recently discovered a cancer of the mouth and I have been following her during this treatment, gone to INCA, RJ and such and this moved a lot with my head, and besides that lump, I was very disturbed. The mastologist tried to reassure me by saying the same thing as the ultrasonographer, who had all the benignities and such, but asked for a cory biopsy in the same way. Only the word BIOPSY made me freak out ... I became the basis of tranquilizers. I checked the biopsy and went there, I lay down on the stretcher in tears and the doctor looking at my last ultrasound said: are you crying for what, girl? This has everything to be benign (fibroadenoma), relax! From there he saw my breast ... It was swollen, red, aching and peeling in the region of the lump and there he said: ABSCESS! This is an abscess, I will not puncture you. I'll call your doctor. He called her and said: Teresa, what your patient has is not a lump or tumor, it's an abscess, what do you want me to do? Well, he did a FNA, fine needle puncture, took half a syringe of pus from inside and prescribed me an antibiotic for 7 days every 8 hours. I took his report to the mastologist and she told me to thank God a lot that my case was not even a surgical one ... that the antibiotic was going to dry this up and everything would be fine. But I had been on the antibiotic for 7 days and although it had improved a lot, the breast was still red and a little sore. She asked me for a new ultra for next week, I got to score for Tuesday now. When it was yesterday, I decided to go back to the first doctor I was, the gynecologist (who is also a general practitioner), he saw my preventive, the transvaginal and the ultras of the breast and told me that he would give me 14 days of antibiotics, not just 7, since the abscess was only partially drained and that he would not even ask me for another ultra because it will not give anything ... that he understands that the colleague only wants to be cautious, but that HE would not even ask because there is no need. I bought another box of amoxicillin 500mg and I'm taking it for another 7 days, following what this doctor said, after all, from the beginning he was right, right? But I am in doubt about whether or not to do ultra. My real doubt is, there is the possibility of appearing another node (other than this abscess) in this 3rd ultra, since I already made 2 usgs in less than 3 weeks and only recorded the third one. abscess? Because here in the same breast, on the side of the abscess, I feel something hard that I do not know if it is a gland or a swelling due to infection. I'm worried. I am 24 years old, I do not smoke and I have no cases of CA in the family. My son suckled for 1 ½ years - but only in the right breast, which was not affected by the abscess. There is a small difference in size and in the handle, the beak of the left to be smaller made it difficult, so he ended up sucking only in the right. Anyway, if any of you doctors, have the patience to read this huge text and give me a light, I I would be extremely grateful. May God bless you greatly!
Expert answer:

The ultrasound will only show what really exists in your breast, hardly a new lump will appear in such a short time.