I used Evra sticker for 2 years, I stopped to get pregnant ...

Dr. I used Evra Sticker for 2 years, I stopped on December 31, 2011, therefore I decided to get pregnant. The menstrual period came on January 3rd, but this month (February 2012) I waited for my period and nothing, when I was already 8 days late, I did a beta HCG that gave the following: qualitative positive / quantitative indeterminate ... the laboratory doctor asked me to come back 3 days later to repeat (if I had the same result, she would refer me to ultrasound); and the day after this result I quoted, menstruation came down. I am in doubt if you are at risk of being pregnant or if this happened due to hormonal issues due to suspension of Evra ... if you can help me ... thank you ... Juh
Expert answer:

Most likely is a menstrual irregularity because of stopping the contraceptive, but may be pregnancy (less likely).