Does using intimate soap every day hurt?

Expert answer:

No, use intimate soap everyday does not hurt. On the contrary, the lactic acid present in the intimate soap formulation favors the vaginal pH, which is acidic. This acidity is fundamental to maintaining the vaginal flora and protect the region from fungi and bacteria that can cause illnesses and other nuisances such as burning and loosening.

The advantage of intimate soap over ordinary soaps is that acid pH and clean the region without attacking the local protection, while the commons have alkaline pH, and may render conditions unfavorable for the development of bacteria that protect the vulva.

Intimate soaps specific to the vulvar and vaginal region do not interfere with the normal pH of the vagina and may even protect the local flora, helping to fight other microorganisms that do not survive at acidic pH.

However, the routine use of these soaps is questioned by gynecologists, who are concerned about the possibility of irritations and allergies, because the more vulvar and vaginal flora changes, the greater the risk of infections and inflammation.

However, the few studies that exist on the subject indicate that intimate soaps do not significantly interfere with the microbial agents of the vulva and the vagina and are mildly allergenic and irritating.

The important thing is to know to properly use the intimate soap. At the time of the bath, the woman should apply only a little intimate soap on the vulva, rub well and rinse a lot next.

Remembering that the intimate soap should only be used in the outside the vagina. The vaginal douches to wash the inside can alter the vaginal pH and damage the natural defenses of the region, as already explained.

The use of hygiene products suitable for each part of the body reduces the risk of allergy and irritation, and interfere less with the microorganisms that inhabit the place.

It is up to the gynecologist to assess the risks and benefits of daily use of intimate soap for each patient, taking into consideration the vaginal flora, the expectation of the woman and the possible side effects.