Do wearing colored contact lenses hurt?

Expert answer:

Wear colored contact lenses (with or without degree) does not hurt, provided the lenses are prescribed by an ophthalmologist and used correctly. The fact that the contact lens is colored does not impair vision, but its use requires the same care as conventional contact lenses.

The big risk for people who use colored contact lenses only for aesthetic purposes is the fact that they do not know the correct procedures of cleaning, care and use of lenses.

There are even those who come to share the lens with other people, not knowing that the contact lenses should never be shared because they can transmit infections.

It is important to remember that inappropriate use of any contact lens, even without a degree, can cause serious vision complications, ranging from pain and blurry vision The infections and ulcers which can lead to blindness.

Without proper handling and cleaning of contact lenses, they may accumulate bacteria and fungi which can cause allergies and corneal infections. In severe cases, ulcers may occur, requiring a corneal transplant.

See here complications that contact lenses can cause to vision.

Therefore, if you intend to wear colored contact lenses you must first make an appointment with an ophthalmologist.