Using vaginal ointment can I have intercourse?

I am using a vaginal ointment prescribed by the gynecologist for 7 days because I have an inflammation. After you have used the ointment, how do I know the inflammation has improved? Can I have a relationship with my boyfriend during this time that I'm using the ointment?
Expert answer:

Not it is recommended to have sexual relations during the use of vaginal ointment.

The vaginal ointment is used to treat certain inflammation and / or infection and must be available in the region of the vagina to take effect. With the sexual activity can disrupting ointment absorption, because unbalance the vaginal flora normal and changes the pH of the vagina. Thus, the action and the efficiency of medicine stay impaired.

Therefore, you can not have intercourse while using the vaginal ointment. If so, treatment may not work and inflammation will not heal and may recur.

You can have sexual relations so stop using the vaginal ointment. To find out if the inflammation has improved, symptoms disappeared. If they have not improved, it may be that the diagnosis or treatment is not correct, the treatment was not effective against their type of inflammation or the treatment was not done properly.

Use the ointment during the given time by your doctor and avoid sexual intercourse during that time. If you do not see any improvement in symptoms, make a new appointment with the doctor who prescribed the medication.

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