Do you use a strap, body or modeler to lose weight?

I want to know if it is myth or truth that using a strap, body or modeler is thin or is only spent money and if you have to make a diet.
Expert answer:

No, wearing modeling straps does not lose weight. It's a myth. These abdominal belts only compress the abdomen and waist, tuning the silhouette and creating the illusion that the person is leaner. However, they do not lose weight, do not model the body long-term and do not burn localized fat.

A strap or body modeler may be useful for an occasion when a woman needs to be "thinner" to wear some specific clothing, but after taking off the strap everything stays as it was before.

In addition to not losing weight, constant use of the abdominal weakness of the postural musculature, as the muscles get used to this extra support.

Keep a correct posture, with the belly in, and strengthen the abdominal muscles already helps to keep the belly less prominent and can dispense with the use of the tape.

However, to lose weight, that is, to lose fat, you have to do diet, preferably associated with physical exercises.

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