I took risperidone and rivotril and suffered side effects ...

Good afternoon, I took risperidone 3, 2,1mg / day, plus rivotril 2,1,0,5mg day in a period of approximately three months, although the reduction of the doses of risperidone suffered terrible side effects ("robotized" behavior and a lot of restlessness) treating me with OCD and anxiety. such collateral effects were met when another neorologist added Akneton to my treatment ... when I reported my discomfort to the doctor she told me that there was nothing in the medication that would cause such effects. my questions are: was the destructive effect of risperidone the lack of Akineton? My age (49) would have influenced the reactions? thank you
Expert answer:

The effects you mentioned are not "destructive" effects, they are just normal and well known side effects of the medication you have taken, but rest assured that what is important is that you are already better and can continue your treatment without problems. Your age does not influence reactions much.