Does bone tuberculosis have a cure? How is the treatment?

Expert answer:

Yes, bone tuberculosis has a cure. Treatment is usually done with regimens up to 4 medications antibiotics, taken orally: rifampicin, isoniazid, pyrazinamide and ethambutol. The treatment of bone tuberculosis lasts at least 6 months and may be prolonged for another 6 or 9 months.

Patients with tuberculosis in the vertebrae of the spine (Pott's disease) may require surgical treatment if there are deformities, neurological impairment, or significant bone destruction. It may also be necessary to immobilize the spine externally with orthoses or vests.

Surgeries in cases of vertebral tuberculosis are usually indicated to drain large abscesses, decompress the spinal cord, correct bone deformities, and stabilize the spine.

Surgical treatment of spinal bone tuberculosis is indicated especially when there is progressive bone destruction and neurological impairment.

The most serious complication of tuberculosis in the spine is loss of movement or leg strength due to compression of the spinal cord.

However, since there is no neurological impairment or deformities, the response of bone tuberculosis to conservative antibiotic treatment is generally good. Surgeries are reserved only for the most advanced cases.

The orthopedic doctor is the specialist responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of bone tuberculosis.

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