It all started 1 week ago when I went ...

It all started 1 week ago when I went to leave a coffee cup on top of a counter. When I put the cup my hand started to shake ... I thought it was nothing, but from then on things only got worse, when it arrived the night of the same day, my heart started to accelerate, I started to shake the whole body and not only the As I said earlier, the same day I went to the hospital and they said it was nothing ... I went home. The next day I felt the same symptoms: Tremors, shortness of breath, dizziness ... I thought I was going to die ... I went to another doctor. he said that he could be a diabetic, but every day I measure diabetes and always 90, 100, 94, etc ... then he sent me back home. The next day I woke up "better", I took the bus to go to college ... arriving in college, I could not stand to stay in the room for 5 minutes, I took the bus to go home, but when I got him (bus), I started to feel shortness of breath, dizziness, dizziness, then I stopped at the fire department, they measured my diabetes, my heart rate, and my pre- But everything went normal, diabetes: 118 because I had already had a snack and I was not fasting, heart rate: 85 and pressure: 12 by 8. Now every day I'm having these types of attacks, can be what? Should I look for which specialist?
Expert answer:

Your symptoms are compatible with anxiety or panic syndrome, you need to seek a medical psychiatrist to do evaluation and treatment.